TECALIT Srl is an Italian company, founded in 1984, that manufactures and installs machinery for the food industry. It is specialized in complete plants for the production of pasta and snack pellets. It has the competence in making feasibility studies, Know-How and designing its own equipment and delivering “Turn – Key” industrial plants.

TECALIT Srl supplies lines for the production of dry pasta in the shapes of long pasta, short-cut pasta, nest pasta, specialty pasta as “bologna” pasta, biological pasta and gluten-free pasta. It has had the innovative idea to produce short-cut and nest type pasta on only one line.

The R & D Department has developed an innovative technology called “BT COOKER” for the treatment of the GLUTEN FREE flours for the pasta production of corn pasta, rice pasta, lentil, bean, chickpea pasta, etc in a continuous process combined with the traditional machinery for the production of pasta.

The new technology includes the creation of total vacuum and low speed extrusion to respect and improve the quality of the final product, with a particular attention to the drying phase that is carefully controlled in order to respect the nutritional values of pasta.

Our flexibility allows us to supply high standard machines with a wide range of production capacities:

– Automatic lines for short-cut pasta ( 300 – 8000 Kg/h )
– Automatic lines for long pasta ( 300 – 6000 Kg/h )
Automatic lines for nest pasta ( 200 – 1200 Kg/h )
Automatic lines for Cous Cous ( 300 – 2400 kg/h)
Plants to produce Gluten free pasta – BT Cooker technology
Automatic and Semi Automatic lines for specialty pasta – Multishape lines
Semi automatic lines for short-cut, long and nest pasta
Storage system for all kinds of finished products
NEW : Plants for instant pasta

Moreover we can supply to the Clients all the accessories for the pasta plants :
– Packaging systems
Cartoning and wrapping systems
Storages for finished products – Material dosing and Mixing systems
– Flour Silos Storage and transport systems of flours and raw materials
– Thermal Power Plant
Accessory equipment (Compressed air, Die-washing machines, Laboratory equipment, etc.

The lines of Tecalit are supplied with the new high temperature technology “TDU – Three Drying Unit” for Short cut pasta and “PDT- Progressive Drying Technology” for Long cut pasta that Tecalit has developed out and guarantees energetic savings of 20 – 25% during the drying cycle compared to the other technologies at high temperature.

Tecalit lines are manufactured in a Stainless steel structure and all mechanical and electronic components are of primary European brands.

In the last years Tecalit has confirmed it’s growing trend with a further increase of the turnover and an enlargement of his presence in emerging countries such as India, Eastern Europe countries and African countries.

In North and South America our Customers have received important awards, confirming the partnership with Tecalit and buying again new machinery to satisfy the increase of the market demand. Our Clients are leaders in their specific markets also due to the relationship and partnership with Tecalit.

Tecalit proposes as a manufacturer of pasta plants for Short cut pasta, Long pasta and special shape pasta a 360° service alongside the Customer with specialized technicians that know how to give the Customer a precise and competent assistance.

TECALIT Srl – Via Leonardo, 60 – 35018 S. Martino di Lupari (PD) – ITALY – tecalit@tecalit.it – www.tecalit.it

prasa do przesiewacza wibracyjnego

BT Cooker per gluten free pasta maszyna do produkcji bez glutenu

pasta maszyna do produkcji bez glutenu

Tappeto pasta TDU_IMG_5441_rs25 siatka makaronowa​

Pressa Corta 1000c_rs30 glowica krotki makaron

makaron tunel przedsuszarni.​

element wszystkich maszyn.​

suszarnia makaron długi

kubki do gniazd.​

Testata Nidi_600_rs50 głowica gniazd​

Nidi generale cut gniazda​

Pasta lunga Essiccatoio 3 piani PDT suszarnia dlugi makaron

Testata pasta lunga glowica makaronu długiego​

Pressa cut trabatto pasta corta prasa do przesiewacza wibracyjnego

Pressa cut trabatto pasta corta prasa do przesiewacza wibracyjnego​

Testata głowica​