The company was founded by Luigi Capitanio in Bergamo in 1873 to produce pasta, dies and various production accessories. In 1936, one of Luigi’s three sons, Camillo Capitanio, moved to Como and started his own business.Under Camillo’s management and that of his son Giuseppe Capitanio, a number of branches were opened abroad that generated the flourishing international trade that has continued to this day.In 1954 it was decided that all production should be returned to Italy and the Torre Annunziata branch in Naples was opened to supply the pasta factories in Southern Italy.Since 1975 the company has been managed by Giuseppe Capitanio’s wife and son, Renata Consolaro and Camillo Capitanio.Camillo Capitanio, the great-grandson of Luigi Capitanio, is now the majority shareholder of CAPITANIO CAMILLO & C. and manages the company directly.The completely independent approach of the company throughout the years has enabled it to create the level of know-how required to meet the most varied requirements. The client profile, in Italy and abroad, varies from a small laboratory to the corporate leaders in pasta and snack production and to the leader manufacturers of machinery and plant for both sectors. Gallery